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Goggles Buying Guide

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Buying a good pair of ski goggles is obviously essential for maximising your vision and enjoyment on the slopes. Lens technology has advanced so much in recent years, but it can sometimes be confusing to know which lens to use when.

We stock Scott and Smith Snowboard and Ski Goggles. We have chosen these brands as they are world leaders in ski goggle manufacturing and their goggle lenses deliver unbelievable levels of clarity. All Smith and Scott goggles offer 100% UVA/UVB/UVC Protection.

All Smith and Scott lenses are either Cylindrical or Spherical giving superior optical clarity: (cheap ski goggles use ‘stamped lenses’ which are flat).

We offer discounted junior and youth ski goggles, as well as OTG, male, female and unisex ski goggles for all conditions. If you have any queries regarding which is the best goggle for you, then please do contact us.


Look for lenses that produce highest level of protection against the dazzling effect of the sun and snow glare, enhancing clarity and contrast:

  • Scott solar
  • Scott silver chrome
  • Scott NL-15/ NL-20 chrome
  • Smith red/green/gold SOL- X


Lenses portray true colours enhancing clarity and contrast, giving the clearest view. Also reduce eye fatigue from taking goggles on and off.

  • Scott NL-32/ NL-40
  • Scott purple, yellow, teal, green or blue chrome
  • Scott light sensitive bronze chrome (lens automatically adjusts)
  • Smith ignitor mirror MIRROR
  • Smith RC36
  • Smith gold


Exceptional contrast in flat, low light or overcast conditions.

  • Scott light amplifier or illuminator
  • Scott red chrome
  • Smith sensor mirror
  • Smith yellow


Scott Spherical and Cylindrical Injection Moulded Polycarbonate Dual lenses are computer engineered to match the natural curvature of the human eye. This allows light to pass undistorted through the lens to the eye, delivering a completely unaltered natural view. This, coupled with the use of an injection moulded polycarbonate lens, delivers unmatched optical clarity and durability.

  • No fog™ anti-fog lens treatment – to prevent condensation and fogging
  • 100% UVA/UVB/UVC radiation protection – to screen out these harmful rays
  • Super soft face foam – for all day comfort and protection if you fall.
  • Dual lenses – integrated 2-layer barrier to reduce condensation and fogging
  • Helmet compatibility
  • Revolutionary air management (RAM) – patented frame ventilation system
  • Air control system (ACS) – air intake/outtake vents.


“Objects in lens are exactly the same as they appear.” When light passes through a medium it refracts, i.e. changes course. If left uncorrected, this refraction can cause visual distortion and eye fatigue. Smith’s Tapered Lens Technology straightens out the incoming light rays by progressively tapering the lens from the optical centre toward the peripheral view. What this means for you is that you see with 100% accuracy and maximum comfort.

All Turbo Fan, Spherical and Regulator Series lenses feature a Carbonic-X outer lens. Each one is individually moulded to offer optimum scratch and impact resistance, increased visual acuity and enhanced contrast sensitivity. The inner lens is impregnated with Fog-X lens treatment for increased anti-fog performance.