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Ski Poles Size Guide

Ski Poles

How to determine the right size Scott Ski Pole for you.

A correctly selected ski pole size is important to successful and enjoyable skiing.

A bad fitting ski pole can upset your skiing stance. It can also compromise your enjoyment and safety.

When you ski with a pole that suits you well, you'll notice and feel an improvement in your stance and skiing. You'll soon know how crucial it is to choose the correct size ski poles.

Measuring Yourself

1. Stand with your arms at your sides and hold your elbows at a 90 degree angle.

2. Make sure that your upper arms are touching your sides and that your lower arms are held out in front of you. It's as if you were actually holding ski poles.

3. Make a fist as if you were gripping imaginary ski poles. Make sure you check that your lower arms are parallel to the floor. Look in a mirror or have somebody present to check for you.

4. Get a friend to measure the distance from the top of your thumb to the floor.

5. If you do not have someone to measure this distance for you, then repeat steps 1 to 4 facing a wall. Whether you use a pencil or a piece of tape, lightly mark the spot where the top of your thumb is. Then, measure from that mark to the floor.

6. The measurement that you come up with is the length of your ski poles. It is important to add two inches to this length, because the combination of your ski boots and skis will make you slightly taller.


Scott Ski poles are measured in centimetres.

Ski poles are sized by every five centimetres.

So, if you need to round your size, it's better to round up.